Shipping and Return Policy

The Shipping and Return Policy At Valaika Design

Valaika Design-

Valaika Design  is selling the exclusive collection of Dupata at easily affordable prices. They have a very flexible range of budget with a wide variety of Dupata for girls, working women, and ladies who stay at home. The Punjab Amritsar based website ships all over India and even overseas. It has an easy to return and refund policy that helps customers in comfortable shopping.


The Cost of Shipping:

The cost of shipping here bear by Valaika Design Itself, if the order is within India. When customer refund the product (For incase cause of doesn’t fits to its size), we don’t bear the shipping cost at this time.

The Delivery of Order:

The delivery of the order again depends on the distance. However, while placing the order the estimated delivery date is specified regarding the pin code of the delivery destination. For in-home orders, deliveries take some time around 5-7 days and approx. However sometimes for multi-item orders deliveries may fluctuate as the items will arrive from different dealers.

If the fluctuation of dates happens due to multi items or due to other reasons a mail and message will be delivered to ensure the customer about their products. There is no need to worry as the clients are always kept updated.

The Late Dispatch:

It may also happen that due to technical or some other issues the orders are dispatched late. In this case, they are expected to write at support Writing to them will resolve the issue and order will be delivered around the expected time if possible. Otherwise, they will still be kept updated.

WhatsUP Chat :

We have whatsup Chat option available incase if you have any questions regarding order tracking, size matters or any other things to get the things solved fast.Whatsapp Number is +91-9915106855

The Return Policy at Valaika Design:

If you're not satisfied with the product you have received, you can always return back to us within 7 days with no extra charges levied! We will exchange the product not refund the amount so plz note this point  before ordering.  

The Process of Return:

It's super easy. Either Self return or pick-up! It's upto you which you want to choose a way. Pick up is available only for certain sets. Valaika Design will not bear shipping charges, in case self return! 

The Cancellation and Refund:

The order can only be canceled within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the delivery will be dispatched and even after the delivery is done if the customer doesn’t want to keep it they can process the return.